e-Digital Publications

Product Features

e-Digital Publication allows organisations to create rich, immersive content in an exciting new format that keeps readers engrossed. It has the capability to embed video, music, documents, link to contacts, documents and websites, turning it into a powerfully emotive interactive e-marketing tool. It can be developed into online magazines, eBooks, and catalogues, and be distributed digitally and globally, which saves you money and reaches a large audience.

Environmental Impact

In the case of a 32-page newsletter, with a print run of 70,000, changing over to a digital publication would save no less than 3,226 trees.

Further savings include:
– 134 tonnes of paper;
– 3,763,200 litres of water by not producing paper;
– 269 barrels of oil by not producing paper;
– 551,040 kW hours of electricity; and
– 13,873 kg of industrial waste.

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Pedro Summer 2012 Catalog Sample