Green Oxo-degradable / Bio-degradable Plastic

NQH has taken initiatives to support GREEN environmental activities. We devote efforts to provide technology solutions for GREEN in collaboration with our business partner to embark environmental friendly products – Degradable / Bio-degradable Plastic and Eco-Bags to save our world. Our oxo-degradable bag will 100% degrade around two years to small particle size organic and at last eaten by micro-organism to reduce the solid waste plastic materials disposal.

Oxium® – “100% Oxo-Degradable Plastic”

–   100% degradable around 2 years
–   Degradation period depending on heat and humidity
–   Application : for all shopping bags especially thin bags



EcoPlas® – “100% Bio-Degradable Plastic”

–   100% bio-degradable and renewable (from Tapioca)
–   Degradation period depending on organisms activities in the soils
–   Application : for thick & reusable shopping bags


Shopping Bag

Exhibition & Event Promotional Bag


Enable regular plastic to go Truly GREEN

As we know that the world are facing tremendous pressure of pollutions such as plastic pollution in open landfill and river which causes landslide and flood over the world, especially in developing countries.
We have to ACT immediately to create a better living environment to our next generation. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate the environmental friendly move – “Enable regular plastics to go GREEN” to save our earth by reducing the solid waste plastic materials. Confidently, this will enhance your corporate image under environmental friendly activities and also human/social responsibility aspect to reduce world pollution.
In many countries, ban on the use of shopping bag does not solve pollution issues and resulted on the increase of garbage bag or other plastic bag (PP Woven Bag) being used to store the rubbish. In this case, PP Woven Bag has created greater
environmental issues. This PP Woven bag is harder to degrade as its content is 20 times more plastic resins used than common shopping bags.

We sincerely hope your organisation could allow us to provide the cutting edge of the environmental friendly green product technology solutions at AFFORDABLE price – SUSTAINABLE GREEN SOLUTIONS. We provide degradable bag which will become 100% degraded and eaten by micro-organism and back to the organic ecology cycle system. Our project portfolio includes global brand owners and retailers such as Nike (Hurley), Zara, Raoul, Carrefour, Lakewinds, Giant and many others across Asia and United State.
We are in the midst of receiving LIFE FOR FAIR CERTIFICATE for one of our product under biodegradable category. It is using Tapioca as renewal and lower carbon footprint material. In every 200 metric tons production of the material, it will benefit 2000 farmers who plant the tapioca and producing the tapioca starch.

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