Reusable® Envelope

Product Features

The Reusable® Envelope initially developed in Australia.
  • Incorporates an unique method of resealing
  • Using the envelope reverse side for return to sender
(Approved by Postal Authorities around the world and designed for automatic insertion on a wide variety of machines.)


Benefits to Postal Services

  • The loss of one insertion result in a reduction in the overall weight of the mailing. This provides major benefits to Postal Authorities in terms of handling and shipment of mail pieces.
  • Adoption of the Reusable® Envelope will be a catalyst for standardisation of envelope design. This will enhance processing and handling routines in mail centres.

Benefits to Mailing Houses

  • While mailing companies lose one insertion when a reply envelope is not used, they gain about 20% speed in their process.
  • increased capacity ;
  • and improvements in turnaround times.
  • Postal discounts for the Reusable® Envelope are the same as if a reply envelope had been included in the mailing.
  • Adoption of the Reusable® Envelope will provide a catalyst for standardisation of envelope design. This will lead to improvements in mailing house insertion operations.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental impact of the Reusable® Envelope is quite remarkable.
  • The Reusable® Envelope can be used in all mailings requiring a response (accounts, orders, surveys, forms, direct marketing, etc.)
  • The Reusable® Envelope saves half the quantity of paper used traditionally for the same purpose because a second envelope is not needed for return mail.
  •          For example, a saving of 5 million reply envelopes represents 27,000 kg of paper.
  • It saves chemical products used in paper making from entering our waterways.
  • It reduces environmental damage by reducing the number of trees having to be felled to make paper.
  • It saves fuel and diminishes fuel emissions contributing to air pollution by reducing transportation weight and volume associated with distributing mail including reply envelopes.
  • The potential environmental impact of this product defies the imagination.

How Does It Work?

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