Tania Ellis

Tania Ellis is a Danish-British prize-winning writer, speaker and business innovator, who specializes in social business trends.
As one of Scandinavia’s leading social business experts, Tania Ellis often features in the media as a trendspotter and opinion leader to comment on social business trends. She also writes about them in articles and, most recently, in her pathbreaking international book The New Pioneers.
Tania Ellis offers presentations, lectures, workshops and strategic advisory services to private, public and non-profit organisations on social and corporate trends such as:
– Leadership and work life issues
– Corporate and employer branding
– Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
– (Corporate) social innovation (CSI)
– Corporate volunteering
– Social entrepreneurship/social enterprise
The purpose of her work is to guide and inspire to innovative
thinking and sustainable practices that create both human
and economic growth.